Below are some helpful suggestions on using the Dancer Wellness Project (DWP) with your first screen.  (See 'Definitions'  for more information)  These suggestions are based on years of experiences of various affiliates and history has revealed that a smooth and successful first screen helps avoid disenchantment with the screening process and promotes interest in future screens.

Decide on your screening form

A well thought out and designed screen is needed before you implement any screening event.  There are several models and templates widely available and there is a 'starter' screen available here on the DWP.

Design the screen on the DWP

In order to integrate the DWP and to make use of all the robust features, you'll need to make sure that the screen you are going to use is designed on the DWP.  If you will be recording data on paper forms and then entering the data later on the DWP, you'll want to make sure that the order of the tests on the paper form and on the DWP are the same in order to avoid confusion.

Assemble and train your team

You'll need to assemble your screening team before the screening event and make sure that the team is trained on the specific asssessments they are going to be doing from the your particular screening form.  For affiliates unacustomed to screening, it is suggested that a 'trial screen' be conducted before screening other dancers.

Most of the assessment tools have instructions and video tutorials on how to conduct each assessment.  Even for well seasoned screeners, it is highly recommended that these assessments be reviewed on the DWP to ensure that the tests are conducted the same way.  Failure to do so will create a great deal of confusion - it is quite possible you will end up collecting data that can not be used on the DWP.

There may be some stations  that are more extensive and data intensive.  Therefore, you may want to have 'scribes' available to help record data for those stations.

Additionally, it is very important that the unit of measure , e.g. inches/cms, degrees be verified and understood for each test.

Test your screen on the DWP

It is highly recommended that you enter the data from your 'trial screen' on the DWP to familiarize yourself with the data entry process.  You'll want to identify any potential problems and address any questions you have before collecting 'real' data.

Paperless Screenings

Some affiliates conduct their screens paperless meaning that they enter the data directly into the DWP during the screening event itself to avoid having to enter the data later.  To expedite data entry on the day of the screening event, a team member should create an empty data set for each dancer you are going to screen for that date before you start collecting data.  (See 'Definitions'  of 'data sets')  With a well designed and executed screen, this can save a great deal of time and energy and the profiles will be available more rapidly.

Paperless screens can conducted with internet enabled computers available for each person collecting data; a 'scribe' can be very helpful in this setup too.  You'll need to make sure that each person who is going to be collecting data and then entering the data at the same time have been granted access to the DWP.  They will need to make sure they completed the necessary security questions online before they attempt to start entering data.

Video conferencing technologies can be used as a network 'scribe'.  See example